Jatropha Oil
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What is Jatropha?

Significant independent research on the qualities and benefits of Jatropha Curcas Plantations can be found on the internet.

There is no doubt at all about it doing what it promises and governments throughout the world are planning enormous plantations of Jatropha for biofuel use.

The great things about Jatropha are:

How can you benefit from investing in Jatropha Oil?

It's simple. The recession has meant that investors are frustrated with the low returns currently offered by banks, pensions, lenders and most other investment opportunities. The demand for Jatropha can only increase as time goes on, meaning that it really is one of the few recession-proof investment options available at this time. Take a look at these figures and benefits, to discover for yourself why plantations are being snapped up:

Jatropha Investment Opportunity

"Investment in Green Offers Alternative Fuel Supply 24.6% annual returns from Oil Tree Plantations!"

This programme is about investing in Jatropha trees for the production of 'green oil'. The financial returns are outstanding (up to 24.6% in years 3 to 99 in the Lease Programme) and there is no maximum limit to your investment.

There are two distinct programmes that you can invest in:

In the Green Oil Production Programme, there are no set-up fees, no legal fees, and no annual charges: what you see is what you get. The programme manager  contracts to manage your trees and to purchase your produce from you.

The Leasehold Programme does have some initial legal fees, as you are entering into a 99-year lease, and there is also a small annual ground rent of £50 per lease. None of these are Particularly onerous, however.

You have the added satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to eradicate third world poverty and creating employment, also whilst saving the planet from greenhouse gases.

Sustainable employment reduces pressure on charitable capital and promotes political stability. To underline the demand for green oil, many governments worldwide in September have ambitious targets for green oil usage. The EU, for instance, has a target of 20% of all diesel fuel sold at the pumps to be biodiesel by 2020. To put that in perspective, their target for 2010 is 5.75% and current achievement close to zero, so there's still a massive opportunity.

To underline the importance of the Jatropha tree, the Indian government has set aside 11 million hectares (27.5 million acres) specifically for Jatropha tree plantations. 2019. All rights reserved