Millettia Green Oil
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What is Millettia?

Millettia Pinnata previously known as pogamia is a “green oil” biofuel producing tree that has a 10 metre taproot, thus creating a substantial carbon sink. The dense shade it provides slows the evaporation of surface water and its root structures promote nitrogen fixation, which moves nutrients from the air into the soil.

Millettia Pinnatta easily surpasses the plantation oil yield of other oil crops such as Palm Oil and Millettia, with high oil content of 40-50%. In addition, the rich seed cake remaining after pressing the seed can be utilised as organic fertiliser, high protein animal stock feed, or biomass for heat and power generation.

Oil Yield - Millettia Pinnata vs other oil seed crops

How can you benefit from investing in Millettia Oil?

It’s simple. The recession has meant that investors are frustrated with the low returns currently offered by banks, pensions, lenders and most other investment opportunities. The demand for Millettia oil can only increase as time goes on, meaning that it really is one of the few recession-proof investment options available at this time. Take a look at these figures and benefits, to discover for yourself why plantations are being snapped up:

Millettia Retail Investment Opportunity

Green investment in alternative fuel supply offers up to 17% from land which is used to grow oil tree plantations.

This "Retail" opportunity is aimed at individual business minded investors or companies who wish to benefit from the growing biofuel sector.

Millettia Pinnata oil producing trees are grown on land licensed under your name. The client has no involvement in the crop production but instead has security from receiving a fixed annual rental income from their land - for 20 years. This is similar to a "buy to let" property investment. The client also has an exit strategy should they wish to sell their land back to the company any time after year 10 - or they can continue to recieve their ongoing 17% annual rental income until year 20. 2020. All rights reserved